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Invasive Species

Invasive alien plant and animal species are invading the Township of Langley and threatening to destroy native plant and animal communities. Invasive plants are often cited, and generally accepted, as the largest threat to global biodiversity after habitat destruction.

Invasive species are plants or animals that are not native to a particular region, whose populations grow rapidly, and that have the ability to out-compete native species. These pose risks to human health and safety, livestock health and the health of natural ecosystems. Globally, the spread of invasive species is the second most significant threat to biodiversity after urban development.

BCES needs your help to remove the following invasive species from private property:

  1. English holly
  2. Tansy ragwort – Provincially Noxious
  3. Himalayan blackberry
  4. Lamiastrum
  5. English ivy
  6. Japanese knotweed
  7. Himalayan balsam
  8. Morning glory
  9. Purple loosestrife
  10. Scotchbroom
  11. Giant Hogweed